ATA Carnets

  • The ATA Carnet is vital for the import and export of temporary goods.
  • It enables non-perishable goods to be moved temporarily from one country to another with no customs charges needing paid.
  • An ATA can be used on goods including:
    • Sporting goods, work equipment (e.g laptops or cameras), educational, scientific or cultural goods, publicity materials, sample goods at trade fairs or sales meetings.
  • The Carnet is a single, paper-based document that is shown to customs upon entering or leaving a customs territory. It is valid for one year and can be used unlimited times.
  • The holders of such goods will still need the correct exporting licenses or permits.
  • More information on ATA Carnets can be found here:


How to apply for an ATA Carnet?

Apply for an ATA Carnet online through the Industry eATA Carnet system now:

The official e-carnet website offers further explanation and guidance through the application process: