Business, Trade & Investment Committee

For over 100 years we have been the trusted face of business, serving our British, Belgian and International members, facilitating growth and helping to build relationships on every level between the EU and the UK.

Our function is now more relevant than ever as we continue our commitment to being THE gateway for UK-Europe business.

The Business, Trade and Investment (BTI) Committee provides a platform for trade facilitation, business networking and knowledge sharing, and to harness and foster expertise.

  • We champion the importance of businesses trading in and between Belgium and the UK.
  • We’re a trusted partner and guide in capitalising on the UK-Belgium bilateral relationship
  • We provide a platform for networking, knowledge and experience sharing – where our members and partners connect to our wider community of UK/Belgium businesses.
  • We harness and foster expertise – providing support services to members and prospective members to facilitate their business, trade and investment opportunities.

The Committee’s activities are organised through task forces for Business in Belgium and Trade. These task forces are designed to bring together members operating in similar business areas who can collaborate in developing events and activities which support their business growth.

We give our members more opportunities  to build their network and visibility.  Currently events are offered as webinars allowing very wide participation and reach.

The SUSTAINABILITY ACTION GROUP works to support members in taking practical steps, sharing best practice and developing expertise in sustainability.  There is close liaison with the EU policy task force on Sustainable & Resilient economy to support the Chambers overall commitment to this key aspect of future business growth.

The groups position statement is:

“The way to inspire the members of the British Chamber in Belgium to take action towards a more sustainable professional life experience and business practices

If you are interested in participating in one of our task forces, please contact

Task Forces

19 October 2020


Investment This exciting new task force is in development and is designed to help support existing, and encourage new, investment that strengthens UK-BE business activity. Britcham is the voice for Br...
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19 October 2020


TradeThis new task force was launched in May 2020. Its purpose is to help facilitate an ever stronger trading relationship between the UK, Belgium and EU.Key fields of interest include customs, border...
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19 October 2020

Business in Belgium

Business in BelgiumThe group meets regularly, helping members build their network and shape the work of the chamber.Our Business in Belgium task force features a diverse group of member experts from v...
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03 May 2019

Sustainability Action Group

“The way to inspire the members of the British Chamber in Belgium to take action towards a more sustainable professional life experience and business practices”Today’s businesses are dealing wi...
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David Reed

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