The Digital Committee provides a platform for our members to engage with policymakers, legislators and other stakeholders on European and global digital discussions

what we do

We ensure that the British Chamber and its members play an active and visible role in the digital policy debate in the UK and globally. This is achieved through engaging with legislators on upcoming legislature that affects the digital sector through events and discussions. 

Regular events:

  • Expert panel debates with industry front-runners, legislators and trade associations on leading matters on digital issues such as on Artificial Intelligence, FinTech, Adequacy and Blockchain events, and on the effect of Digital transformation on society as a whole.
  • Engaging in international discussions with actors on the global scene for example the US, Japan or Israel to deepen the discussion in relevant issues. 

This Committee is open to all Members. Contact to get involved.


Elizabeth Crossick

Elizabeth Crossick

Chair EU Policy hub
Amélie Coulet

Amélie Coulet

Vice-Chair of the Digital Committee