Future Relations Committee

The Future Relations Committee allows for policymakers and international business from both sides of the channel to come together to discuss the future relationship between the UK and the EU.

The committee gives opportunities for members to meet EU, and UK, officials who have expertise and influence in the current trade negotiations.

We organise small, off-the-record events where speakers are able to put their views across, before answering the questions of our members. This format allows for proper discussion and means that both sides acquire more knowledge about the future of the relationship.

The FRC meets every month to discuss the current negotiations between the UK and the EU, as well as often inviting guests to put their views forward and to inform the committee.

Our chair Matt Hinde, Head of EU Affairs at National Grid, and vice-chair Mark Foster, Vice President of Government Relations at Barclays.

Participation in FRC events is limited to Full or Patron members of the British Chamber.

Please contact Bernada for further details.



Mark Foster

Mark Foster

Matt Hinde

Matt Hinde