UK-EU Relations

The UK-EU Relations Committee aims to contribute to legislative and policy discussions in the UK and the EU

what we do

The UK-EU Relations Committee allows for policymakers and international business to discuss the new relationship between the UK as a third country and the EU. The Committee gives opportunities for members to meet EU and UK officials and policy makers as the new UK-EU relationship develops. We bring together members with interests in this area to exchange information, keep current with developments and to provide a platform and access to key decision makers.


Regular events:

  • Regular briefings held with the UK Government on the status of trade between the UK and the EU
  • Networking events connecting policymakers in the European Union to businesses and our members


This Committee is open to Full and Patron members. Contact Angeline Godin ( to get involved.


Matt Hinde

Matt Hinde

Angeline Godin

Angeline Godin