Cross Chamber themes

Our committees are completely open and inclusive, working specifically to further our members’ interests.

They offer opportunities for members to be active and to make a difference.

There are three broad themes which connect across all aspects of the Chamber and inform our priorities, link activities and shape our engagement with members: The Digital agenda, Diversity & Inclusion and Sustainability.


Reflecting the ever-growing importance of these issues, the Digital Working Group (DWG) has been established as a cross chamber WG to ensure that the British Chamber plays an active and visible role in the digital policy making debate, which is currently taking place in Brussels, in the UK and globally. This working group is Chaired by Elizabeth Crossick, Head of Government Relations, RELX.

Diversity and Inclusion

Our chamber-wide Diversity and Inclusion working group has held several meetings and workshops to explore this topic and how it will be an integral part of the Chamber DNA. The following statement represents Britcham’s position.

‘As the British Chamber of Commerce| EU & Belgium we believe that diversity and inclusion are key drivers of business performance and success. We are committed to prioritizing the promotion of D&I to better serve the needs of our members, employees, and key stakeholders’


Reflecting the growing importance of this issue to businesses and individuals the Chamber has active groups dealing with both the EU policy agenda as well as practical changes for business.  This reflect our cross chamber commitment.