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Diversity and Inclusion Workshop

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In the past diversity and inclusion involved tick box exercises by businesses as part of a Corporate Responsibility strategy. However, it has been proved that, by adopting clear diversity and inclusion strategies, it is good for business, better decisions, improved customer service and quality and ultimately performance. However, there is still a long way to go to optimise this potential as experienced last year with the rise of ‘Me too’ and ‘Black Lives Matter’ movements.

This 60-minute interactive digital workshop will cover the following:

1. What is diversity and inclusion
- Differentiate the differences between diversity, inclusion, equality
- Research data on the benefits of proactive policies
- Creating the business case for focusing on diversity and inclusion

2. Legal requirements
- Legislation protecting specific groups of people.

3. Areas where you can influence
- Facilitated discussion on key areas where leadership teams can influence the agenda.
- How to initiate change

4. Becoming more conscious of our own biases
- As leaders how can we create more awareness
- Identify key skills to reduce (but not remove) the risk.

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Confirmed Sue Blight

Sue Blight

Executive coach and Training facilitator, CastleBlue Developments
Sue is an Executive coach and Training facilitator equally comfortable delivering development interventions face to face or virtually. She has held senior Talent and Development roles within a variety of FTSE 100/250 FMCG and Service companies where she integrated training infrastructures for all organisation levels (classroom, e-learning and on-line) into performance management discussions and accelerating the Talent pipeline. Her distinction in the MSc in Coaching and Behavioural Change at Henley Business School created a deeper understanding of how to help people change their behaviour and adopt winning strategies, by playing to their strengths or identifying their triggers hindering change. She helps clients to see the wider context in which they are working and develop practical actions to allow them to influence the broader business. Her passion for Personal resilience, coupled with health and wellbeing, has been unexpectedly useful during the pandemic, enabling clients to face into their own anxieties and develop strategies to support themselves in the absence of the regular connectedness with others at work and home. Sue is accredited in a number of world-leading psychometric tools and 360-degree feedback, which accelerates people’s self-awareness. Her philosophy is to use these tools to ‘change the dance’ and achieve a different result in a practical way. She uses these extensively in her coaching and team development work.


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