EU-UK Vertical Restraints: Where Next?

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The British Chamber is honoured to host a discussion with Ann Pope, Director Antitrust, Competition & Markets Authority, and Philippe Chauve, Head of Unit, DG Competition, European Commission on the forthcoming reform to UK and European Union rules on distribution.

Significant changes will impact the practicalities of companies' business models, affecting retail platforms, parallel resale and direct-to-consumer channels, most-favoured-customer clauses, while potentially offering greater flexibility around advertised pricing programmes and fulfillment models. Importantly, the jurisdictional reach of UK and EU competition means major agreements both sides of the channel may be subject to the new rules.

We look forward to this timely discussion with the Commission and Competition & Markets Authority to help us navigate the new rules.

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Confirmed Philippe Chauve

Philippe Chauve

Head of Unit, European Commission
Philippe is the Head of a Unit at the Directorate General for Competition of the European Commission. The Unit is working on regulatory and antitrust issues in Fast Moving Consumer Goods (food, home care, personal care) agricultural products and agricultural inputs (fertilisers, pesticides etc) in Europe. The unit has been investigating practices of manufacturers (e.g. parallel trade restrictions of AB InBev, Mondelez), retailers (alliance Casino-Intermarché) and farmers (protectionist agreements in various member states). It also provides guidance on certain agreements (currently working on guidelines regarding sustainability agreements in agriculture). Philippe has extensive experience in antitrust enforcement and merger procedures. Before heading the Unit he was enforcing competition rules in the energy sector, where he carried out a sector inquiry and many antitrust and merger investigations and implemented unprecedented remedies (such as the first large scale divestiture of assets in European antitrust history– sales of power plants and networks). In earlier jobs, he negotiated trade agreements for goods and services in the WTO and between the EU and its trading partners.