Enabling Sustainable Decisions Series: Sustainable Investing - the truth behind the Bla, Bla, Bla

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The British Chamber of Commerce would like to invite you for the first in a series of events designed to answer your questions about sustainable investments and financing and how businesses can support sustainable outcomes on a corporate level. We will get behind the greenwashing and provide expert insights.

- Making a Positive Impact with your Investments

Impact investing is quickly going mainstream, with a rising number of investors determined to make a positive impact with their investments. The pandemic has accelerated this trend with inadequate health provisions and deepening inequalities becoming as acute as the climate emergency.

But confusion with other forms of responsible investment approaches, notably ESG, remains a big issue for investors. Rachel Roddy, ESG Investment Specialist at M&G, will present the main characteristics of impact investing, explain what makes it different from ESG and how you can measure the positive impact of your investments. She will illustrate her discussion with examples of companies that are delivering societal good and attractive financial returns.

- Amanda Newell - Financial Advisor at The Fry Group
The Fry Group, established in 1898, offers tax, estate and financial planning services. The Fry Group focuses on people, planet and profit, and finding a perfect balance between the three to making the world a better, more sustainable place.

Amanda, Financial Advisor at The Fry Group, will give an overview of how green values are incorporated into The Fry Group business.

- Judith Verhoeven - Sustainability Lead at ING BE
As a global bank with billions flowing through its books, ING has a huge opportunity – and responsibility – to make an impact for the better.

Judith Verhoeven, the Sustainability Lead at ING Belgium, will explain how ING is involved in sustainable practices. Through the services that they offer and as a Belgian company with its employees, suppliers & partners, ING seeks to help create a healthy, prosperous planet.

- Rachel Roddy – ESG Investment Specialist at M&G
M&G is one of the UK’s largest and longest established investment houses, with more than 85 years of experience.

Rachel Roddy, Associate ESG Investment Specialist at M&G will discuss what sustainable investment is, what ESG requirements are and how to distinguish them.

- Frédéric Degembe - Head of Funds Management at ING BE
ING is a sizeable financial player in Europe. ING bank has made sustainability one of its priorities for its activities both in credit and investment.

Frédéric Degembe, Head of Funds Management and part of the ING Investment Office, will explain how ING proceeds with the selection of the sustainable investment funds, a universe from which various sustainable solutions are proposed to the clients. He will explain the guidelines and resulting sustainable scores of ING investment solutions.

The Chamber as an organisation, values and supports developments towards a more sustainable world. It does this by connecting with key policy makers and regulators and by providing information and practical examples businesses can follow.

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Confirmed Amanda Newell

Amanda Newell

Financial Advisor, The Fry Group - Belgium
Amanda joined The Fry Group in 2015 to cover maternity leave in an administrative role. She then progressed to be a paraplanner for the Director of the Brussels office whilst taking her financial exams in Belgium (in French) before moving to the role of Financial Adviser in 2018. Amanda is passionate about looking after her clients and building trusted relationships for the long term to ensure her clients feel valued. In 2019 Amanda became RD (Responsible for Distribution) along with the director for the Brussels office for the FSMA (Belgium Regulator). Amanda is part of the ‘Women in Finance’ working group where she is passionate to ensure women receive the financial planning advice needed to ensure financial independence. Amanda actively speaks with her clients about the advantages of investing within a sustainable investment portfolio.​
Confirmed Ms Judith Verhoeven

Ms Judith Verhoeven

Sustainability Leads, ING
Judith started her career with ING in April 2011, joining on the management trainee scheme. She completed different rotation in various area of banking, gaining knowledge of different banking segments, services & regions. Along this, she regularly supported the Sustainability team on social and environmental projects. In January 2016 she joined permanently the Sustainability team as advisor, working predominantly on integrating sustainability direction in the banking business, employee engagement and community investments. She is know fully leading the Sustainability direction for ING Belgium since 2018.​ ​ Judith graduated from Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management with a first class honours MA in Business Engineering. Judith has also completed an additional Master from the University of Brussels in Environmental Management. She is a certified Advanced Sustainability (ESG) Practitionner by CSE.