Expat Financial Affairs 2021

Location: The British School of Brussels VZW
Access: Everybody
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BritCham EU & Belgium would like to invite you to attend our annual Expat Financial Affairs conference on Thursday 7th October, 17:00 CET at The British School of Brussels in Tervuren.

This event is OPEN and FREE for everybody.

Expat Financial Affairs 2021 brought to you by The Fry Group and ING Belgium.

When finding your way in Belgium, it is not always easy to access information for making important financial decisions. Expat Financial Affairs offers essential advice in English on how to manage your finances as an expat or foreign national living in Belgium. You will get the opportunity to attend a variety of informative presentations on the topics of investment, pension, and financing your residence in Belgium.


Welcome / Meet our Stand-holders

Keynote from ING and The Fry Group

• Presentation 1: Financial Planning for Expats: What you should know to be safe and compliant
(Dave Deruytter)
• Presentation 2: Everything a notary can do for a foreign national in Belgium
(Frederic Helsen)

• Presentation 1: Buying real estate in Belgium: Tips and Tricks for Expats
(Frederic Helsen & Dave Deruytter)
• Presentation 2: How much do you need to retire and mobile pension planning?
(Amanda Newell)

• Presentation 1: Expat aspects in the 3 pension pillars
(Dave Deruytter)
• Presentation 2: How to invest sustainably to protect our future generations
(Ed Read Cutting)

Networking, Apéro, Meet our Stand-holders


At the end of the event, we invite you for a drink in the exhibition area, where you can network with fellow expats, visit our stands and follow up directly with speakers on specific questions.

Make sure you sign up to secure your spot!

We look forward to seeing you at the conference!

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