Terms & Conditions

The British Chamber of Commerce | EU & Belgium 

The name of the Chamber is the “British Chamber of Commerce | EU & Belgium” hereinafter called “BritCham”

These General Terms and Conditions do not replace, amend or annul the Articles of Association or the Memorandum of the Chamber. These Terms and Conditions serve as a general reminder of the important aspects of Membership to the BritCham. A copy of the Articles of Association and the Memorandum are available here.

Annual Subscription

The annual subscription to the Chamber shall be at such rates as may from time to time be fixed by the Board, and shall become due and payable in advance on such date or dates as the Board may from time to time determine. For the purpose of fixing the annual subscriptions, the Board may by By-law or otherwise from time to time divide Members into categories and fix different rates of subscription for different categories.

Late payment may attract interest as determined by Board.

Membership Structure

Membership of the Chamber for the purposes of the Companies Act (the Act) shall be divided into the categories of Patron Members, Corporate Members and Small Business Members. Such members are entitled to vote at General Meetings. The Board will determine the rights and obligations attached to each category of membership (excluding the voting rights which are determined in the Articles).  The Board can create other categories of membership and can abolish categories of membership.

Voting Rights

All Member companies are entitled to one vote at General Meetings and this must be cast in person at the meeting or by proxy or by a duly authorised representative. However, such a vote can only be used if all money payable by the Member in respect of subscriptions have been paid or are not more than 3 months in arrears.


The Board may at any time by Majority Resolution (meaning two-thirds of the Board members present and entitled to vote) expel any Member at any time provided that:-

(a) not less than twenty-one days’ notice of the proposed resolution and of the matters giving rise to the proposed resolution have been given to the Member concerned; and

(b) the Member concerned has been given a reasonable opportunity to make representations and to attend or be represented at the meeting of the Board called to consider the case and to be heard in defense.

Any Member so expelled shall lose all privileges of membership without prejudice to any claims that the Britcham may have, but the Board by resolution may re-admit to membership any Member so expelled at such time and on such terms as it may determine.

Cessation of Membership

Your membership will automatically cease in the following circumstances: –

(a)  if being a company an order shall be made, or resolution passed for winding up otherwise than for the purpose of reconstruction.
(b)  if adjudicated bankrupt.
(c) if suspending payment or compounding with creditors.
(d) if being an individual you are or may be suffering from a mental disorder – as described in the Articles.

Membership Fees 2022

The fees (excluding 21% VAT) are as follows:

Patron: €11,500
Corporate Full: €5,200
SMB Full: €2,900
Corporate Regular: €1,900
SMB Regular: €1,100

Resignation and changes in membership level

Under the Articles of Association approved at the EGM in March 2017, resignations must be submitted in writing 3 months in advance of the termination date of your current membership. Resignations not submitted 3 months in advance will not be accepted for the current year, your membership for the following year will be activated and the resignation accepted for the following year.

In the event of a member resigning, the relevant portion of any subscription paid in advance shall be retained by the Chamber.

The above process applies equally to a change in membership level


These Rules can be amended from time to time in accordance with the rules set forth in the Memorandum and the Articles of Association. In the event of contradiction, the Articles of Association and the Memorandum will prevail.


For general inquiries and any more information, please contact us between 0900 and 1600, Monday to Friday.

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