Peter Braben

Relationship Director - KBC NV, London

Peter is keen to help support companies trading between UK & Belgium at this crucial time as the UK re-examines its relationship with it’s European friends and neighbours. He is a passionate positive supporter of EU membership and wants to find ways to help keep business, economy and trade healthy, and growing.

Aged 52, married with 3 children, Degree in Physics & Astronomy, with hobbies including cycling and outdoor activities; Assistant Scout Leader in my hometown, (Chelmsford), for over 10 years. He has spent my whole career in Banking & Finance, mostly in The City, focussed on multinational and international clients.

Peter works at KBC Bank, Belgium’s largest domestic bank, where the business model is focussed solely on providing UK services to Belgian businesses, (and UK businesses operating in Belgium). He is often in Brussels, and familiar with its challenges and opportunities. Peter has been involved in the “Golden Bridge Awards”, with the Belgium Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, celebrating and promoting business successes between the UK and Belgium.