UK Government unveils draft of new Border Target Operating Model for importing goods

A draft of the new Border Target Operating Model has been released by the UK Government. It sets out a new approach to importing into the UK that will be progressively introduced from the end of October 2023. The proposed model will reduce the need for physical checks for many types of goods, thereby avoiding delays at the border. The draft also includes plans to use data and technology to streamline import trade processes and create a Single Trade Window delivered from 2023 to be fully operational by 2027. The UK Cabinet Office is now seeking feedback through an online survey and direct discussions, including sector-specific workshops, international events, and bespoke sessions.

Responding to the publication of draft proposals from Government for new border controls, William Bain, Head of Trade Policy at the British Chambers of Commerce, said:

“The British Chambers of Commerce is a big believer in the shift to a digital trade system. If it is done properly then smaller firms will see benefits when it comes to importing goods into Great Britain.

“Providing certainty for business is crucial and the focus must now be on delivering to the timescales set out. This will need a concerted effort to get the physical and digital infrastructure in place.

“It is then vital that companies, here and across the world, involved in sourcing and supply chains, are properly prepared for these changes and the introduction of new trusted trader arrangements.

For more information to participate on feedback session, visit this site or take a look at the official press release.

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