UK signs agreement to rejoin Horizon Europe

7 December 2023 by
erter, Comms Officer

December 7, 2023 - The British Chamber of Commerce | EU & Belgium is delighted that the UK and EU have now officially signed off on UK’s association to Horizon Europe, the EU’s flagship research programme, ending nearly three years of uncertainty in which UK-based researchers were locked out of parts of the scheme.

On Monday (4 December), UK science minister Michelle Donelan was in Brussels as the deal, agreed in September, was confirmed by the joint committee that oversees UK participation in EU programmes. From 1 January 2024 the UK will, on average, contribute around €2.43 billion per year to the EU budget through its participation.

We are particularly encouraged that Minister Donelan has already agreed to help researchers applying for HE funding for the first time, by supporting them through grants of up to £10k. There will also be a joint communications campaign to EU and UK to ensure researchers are aware of the new opportunities.

This type of agreement is hugely important for science not just for the EU and UK but also as part of the global contribution to research.

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