Women in Brussels: Inspire Inclusion

Olivier Levy
9 March 2024 by
Olivier Levy

Thank you to all who participated in our marvellous event yesterday afternoon. There was a palpable energy in the room as all guests participated in an inclusive and exhilarating exchange of ideas that transcended age, gender and industry.

"Data, not diamonds, are a woman's best friend"

Denise Wilson OBE, Chief Executive of the FTSE Women Leaders Review, emphasised the use of data to support track change, promoting stories which reveal the issues and the depth of the challenges hindering gender equality.

Parental Leave

Holistic public policy measures, such as parental leave, are vital for men and women to take shared responsibility.


Sponsorship is a powerful tool to help drive women's careers, especially in the early stages of their career path.

Cultural Change

The starting points for equality are legislation, litigation and sanction; the end point is cultural change.

The roundtable discussions also touched on sector-specific problems and recommendations, such as the prominence of women in driving AI regulation, and educating men on health conditions to increase their empathy towards female colleagues.

We, along with our partnersFIPRA and RELX, are tremendously grateful to our four panelists for their astute opening and closing remarks. Thank you to Claire Bury (Deputy Director-General at DG SANTE, European Commission), Caroline Read (UK Deputy Ambassador to the EU), Kelly Adams-Smith (US Deputy Chief of Mission to the EU), Denise Wilson OBE (Chief Executive of the FTSE Women Leaders Review), and to our excellent moderators, Elizabeth Crossick (Head of Government Relation at RELX) and Laura Batchelor (Managing Partner at FIPRA).

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