The Future of Pandemic Preparedness

Maria Bonastre
10 April 2024 by
Maria Bonastre

The British Chamber of Commerce | EU & Belgium hosted a panel discussion on 14 March 2024 on the future of pandemic preparedness. The discussion was led by Wolfgang Philipp, Principle Adviser to HERA, Gloria Ghéquière, Policy Officer to Belgian Health Minister Frank Vandenbroucke, and Morwenna Carrington, Deputy-Director for UK Health Security, and moderated by Laura Batchelor, Co-Chair of the BritCham EU Health Policy Committee.

Our experts highlighted the importance of several key policy areas for preparing for future pandemics, including:

  1. Political will
  2. Funding
  3. International co-cooperation and data sharing
  4. Joined-up government and a holistic approach
  5. Robust testing and surveillance mechanisms
  6. Transparent and constructive interaction with industry
  7. Co-ordination between Chief Medical Officers (CMOs) and addressing misinformation

You can read our full report below: